Hola, world!

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Hola amigo!

blank stare followed by awkward silence.

Well, you aren't very pleasing person, are you? Not even replying to a simple greeting! Very well, so be it.But since you've already made it to this page I should be a good host and humour you. Might as well, then, but I might get pretty random here.

So, it's 3:30 am in the morning right now. I woke up a while back due to this nightmare caused by watching an excessively shallow movie(I shall not name it here, don't want you to skip the chance of watching it, lest you should unfortunately go watch it sometime.That's how I treat people who don't greet me back.Hah!) So shallow was the movie that it made me ponder about the shallow urban life I'm living. 'tis due to that reason I decided to set up this website, to give me a sense of satisfaction, that today, I DID do some meaningful deed.And finally, here we are, with this shiny new site, which though I've set up, I still have to plan out what I do with it subsequently.

Now while I take a leave now and go back to sleep I'd like you to hone your greeting skill and greet me well the next time we meet.

Until then, sayonara!